Monday, January 29, 2007

Larry Hughes wants to coach.

What does $13 million give you? OPINIONS! And lot's of them!

Apparently, Larry Hughes thinks the Cavs need to change their offensive style.

Sunday at The Q, after the team the Cavs so want to play like, the Phoenix Suns, turned a four-point game after three quarters into a 115-100 drubbing, Hughes said the only "stops" are of the Cavs themselves.

"We need to run more," he said. "Our identity is not as a defensive team. It is to get out and push the ball down the court. That's obviously how we've been more successful. The wins and losses show it when we're in the attack mode.

"Trying to call us a defensive team when we need to put the ball in the basket is not what we need."

When you go 3-13, 1-4 from beyond the arc, 0-0 FT, and collect 0 rebounds in 39 minutes, you may want to just shut the fuck up and stare at the wall. Not surprisingly, this was a typical lackluster Larry performance. The Cavs trailed by 4 going into the 4th quarter against the really ridiculously hot Phoenix Suns. What the Cavs needed was someone other then LeBron to hit an open jumper. Enter Larry Hughes, king of smiles himself. This douchebag smiles so much, I swear he cracked some grins at his brothers funeral. Larry missed every shot he took (it seemed), puncuated by a jumper 4 seconds into the shot clock with some time left to climb back into the game. Yes, the Cavs ended up losing by 15. Perhaps coach Mikey should sit Larry for a few games. We'll see if he still smiles. Then again, getting 13 million to shoot 40% and average 14 ppg will make you smile. Horray!