Monday, January 29, 2007

Bad Big Toe

LeBron is gonna sit out a few games. According to ESPN, "The All-Star forward said Monday he'll consider sitting out Cleveland's next few games to rest his sore right toe, which he injured on a recent road trip and aggravated during Sunday's game against Phoenix."

But don't worry, cause LeBron is not worried either:

"There are still a lot of ballgames to play," he said. "We're still right where we want to be. It's all about getting to the playoffs. Once you get to the playoffs it doesn't matter if you're a No. 1 seed or eighth seed, it's best out of seven. We want to get home-court advantage of course, but we have to keep getting better."

Hey guys, here is a nice little statistic for you: We hold only a four-game lead over New Jersey, who holds the No. 8 spot. This teams attitude smells like 2 day-old dog feces, and it kinda sorta shows on the court a little bit.
I like their strategy: Sleep-walk through the regular season to get ready to play in the playoffs...Wonderful. At least we will have a dynamic backcourt combo of Eric Snow & Larry Hughes to help out, I mean shit the bed, I mean smile a lot, I mean dribble off their legs, I mean...shit.